Medical Imaging Solutions

Bengaluru, India



MIS is Med-Tech startup company providing Microscopy & Imaging instrumentation with cutting edge microscopy technologies and Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) for digital pathology workflow. MIS offers following revolutionary products/service in India.

1. Grundium: Digital Microscope/Whole Slide Scanner

Grundium Ocus is Digital Microscope/digital scanner for routine stain based pathology workflow. Grundium, Finland based firm developed affordable digital microscope technology for routine stain based pathology applications focusing on low and medium through put pathology laboratories.

2.Two Photon/SHG Imaging: Stain Free High Resolution Microscopy

Two-photon excitation microscopy (TPEF or 2PEF) imaging technique allows deep tissue imaging up to about one millimeter in thickness. It uses 2 longer wavelength photons (red photon) for excitation of tissue.

Second Hormonic Generation or SHG is byproduct of TPEF and in this process non-centro symmetric intrinsic molecules like NADPH and Collagen are detected without any staining of the tissue. This endogenous signals offer better resolution for AI based quantification.

TPEF offers least light scattering with no noise , increased penetration depth, no photobleaching and completely stain free and thus superior over confocal microscopy.

3. Deep Pathology

Deep Pathology is MIS's flagship initiative project for pathologists to collaborate and share their expertise globally for rapid and accurate diagnosis. This initiative is focused to bring expertise not only from Indian pathologists but also European, American and Singapore based pathologists for difficult to diagnose cases using MIS digital pathology network.

4. AI based Image analysis for custom application.

MIS offers custom image analysis service for those who wants to develop their own image analysis softwares. Thanks to MIS's AI & ML specialists who can develop application softwares for any custom needs. This facilitates for developing limitless opportunities in Image analysis applications in Health Care Research and applications.

5. Amalgamating Pathology and AI

Integrating pathology with Artificial Intelligence for accurate diagnosis is the emerging filed in Medicine. MIS is bridging pathologist's and AI Scientist's expertise to reinvent accuracy and precision in pathological diagnosis .