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Dr Anand Kumar Soshee

Founder & Managing Director

Dr Anand K Soshee obtained his PhD in Biotechnology for his work on DNA fingerprinting and later extended his research career in health care related projects. While working at international Universities and Institutes In Europe (France, Ireland and Norway) he extensively used Phage display technique to develop peptide and antibody molecules for diagnostics and therapeutic purposes. He used Directed Evolution approach to improve affinity and specificity of binding materials while working for CAR-T project at Radium Hospital at Oslo, Norway.
At NTU, Singapore he focused his interest on Collagen, laminin and integrins which are Extra Cellular Matrix proteins (ECM) associated with many diseases. This motivated his entrepreneurship ability to focus on Collagen proteins responsible for fibrosis in multi organs and to establish his Medtech startup company “Medical Imaging Solutions” (MIS) in Collaboration with Histoindex Pte Ltd from Singapore. Headquartered at Bangalore, MIS has a service lab incubated at ILBS, New Delhi. MIS uses 2-Photon/SHG imaging coupled with AI based analysis for fibrosis quantification in multi organs. Currently he heads the imaging facility at ILBS, New Delhi.

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MIS is collaborating with KML Vision.

The Austrian DeepTech company KML Vision provides cutting-edge solutions for image data management and image analysis for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.


MIS is collaborating with Grundium www.grundium.com/ . Grundium is Finland based company who are pioneers in developing affordable portable microscopic whole slide scanners.


Launch of MIS-Histoindex Centre of Excellence in Tissue Imaging at ILBS, New Delhi Press release