Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence

MIS's approach towards bringing AI into Digital Pathology.

Digital pathology is combination of whole slide imaging, efficient storage of data and meaningful analysis of image data. To achieve this all these aspects should be synchronized in easier way. We understand this basic concept and committed provide total solution in digital pathology.

MIS offers

  1. Digital microscope/whole slide scanner

  2. Cloud based storage

  3. AI based Image analysis tools

  4. Custom software development projects

  5. Image analysis and data handling

MIS collaboration with KML Vision brings limitless opportunities for image analysis tools and softwares, cloud based storage and also custom software developments.

The Austrian DeepTech company KML Vision provides cutting-edge solutions for image data management and image analysis for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. They empower daily workflow routines with the smart practice of automated image analysis. They achieve this by providing intelligent, accessible, intuitive and ergonomic solutions for highly efficient automation of labour-intensive tasks.

With their artificial intelligence based IKOSA platform health and life science organizations can perform visual analysis faster, more precisely, and in a more reproducible manner than ever before. They benefit from an advanced data management system, intuitive tools to work with your images, integrated ready-to use analysis applications and tailor made solutions.

IKOSA can easily be connected to existing systems and you only need a single platform for multiple applications.

“We invite you to explore the IKOSA platform for free at