ILBS: Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences is a super speciality Liver Hospital and Research Centre completely dedicated to diseases related with Liver and Kidney. ILBS is deemed to be University and it is only Liver University in the whole world.

MIS service lab incubated at ILBS focus on Fibrosis in Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Cardio and Cancer research using 2-Photon/SHG imaging with AI based diagnosis. The Centre’s focus is on AI based quantitative analysis of Collagen dynamics leading to fibrosis in Liver and Kidney.

This facility can be used for fibrosis staging, interventional medicine, clinical trials and biomaterial research. This centre will be a hot spot for biomedical research personals who are interested in collagen dynamics in multi-organs and for Pharma industries who are in need of precise quantitative data for Pre-clinical and Clinical trials for validation of lead drug molecules.

CoE Launch at ILBS

Prof Shive Sarine, Director, ILBS

SHG Stain free Image of Human Breast Tissue(IDC): Collagen in Green, NADPH in Red

SHG Image of Normal Human Breast Tissue

SHG Image of Mouse Kidney Section

SHG Stain Free Image of Human Liver Biopsy: Collagen Network in Green, NADPH in Red